Learn fun and versatile basketry techniques!

Comprehensive random weave

In this course you will learn two styles of random weave with multiple types of fibres:

Technique 1: Random weaving softer material with non organic and organic fibre such a long leafy plants, string or raffia

Technique 2: Harder fibre with foraged and non foraged material such as vines and cane.

Not only will you learn two techniques, in this comprehensive course I teach you how to weave two different fibres for each technique.

I find that I use both techniques and interchange the types of fibres equally so I wanted to share it all with you so you can too!

I adore the technique of random weave. If you have seen any of my sculptures, you will know most of them are based on random weave. It’s such a versatile technique that allows you to make stunning baskets and sculptural forms.

Comprehensive twining

By the end of this comprehensive course, not only will you have multiple gorgeous baskets, but you will be confident in this basketry technique.

You’ll learn the proper technique, how to start and do multiple finishes as well as the patterns including straight line, diagonal, checkerboard, chevron and three rod wale.

BONUS - I wanted to share one of my favourite things to do – weave onto driftwood – so I added that as a bonus at the end because I was too excited about this course not to!

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